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About our company

US IT Training is a pioneer in IT training aimed at students, companies, institutions and at professionals who work or want to work in them and need to receive a teaching or support achieving excellent results as we have always had quality as a way of working and the orientation of these to the satisfaction of the client; therefore, our training and administrative processes have been adapted to the quality standards and are certified. In addition to productive research to achieve a good result in our services, the development of this portal is based on the creation of an online community to share resources, classes, tools and information oriented to e-learning.

Our online mode training is based on virtual presence through video conferences and where we move knowledge and not people. We have at your disposal a highly trained staff in different areas where they teach live classes to students from any corner of the world. Also, we work with a total orientation towards our clients and their needs, and we convert the online teaching in something simple and accessible for them to offer solutions that really facilitate the formative processes of companies and organizations. We have been building our services during all these years, adapting to the new possibilities in terms of communications and technology, and at the same time seeing the good results that the thousands of students we have formed have obtained.

The membership in IT Training is dedicated to the training sector and new technologies, where a wide variety of consulting projects is developed, the creation of this platform and e-learning, teaching with interactive multimedia content, training management systems, technical support, and in short, where all aspects involved in online training are worked on. All this experience, we report every day in giving the best service to our students.

IT online training with optimization, quality content and constant updating, are the foundations that underpin the US IT Training project with which we hope not only to overcome our competencies in educational development but to create a collaborative project global whose maxim always has free knowledge as a reference. For this reason, in addition to the information content, we offer a space for professionals and companies dedicated to IT development for their employees through the dissemination of online courses with the sole purpose of facilitating, in these difficult times, access to education, training, and progress.

Our challenges lie in the expansion of access to distance education, that is, to enable more and more students to have access to technological knowledge through the network and at the same time, US IT Training works to make the content of the courses according to the market demand. Our company’s objectives are to provide solutions and added value to your knowledge, optimizing your resources and making the most of all the possibilities offered by new information technologies. For this, we offer a range of services according to the advances in technology for all those students who are looking receive qualify IT training and placements. We guarantee excellent results, a fast and professional response, granting to US IT Training, a very high degree of reliability and trust in the sector. Our priority as a company is to offer you practical and direct solution alternatives to improve your knowledge and help you achieve your proposed objectives.